Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chinny Chin Chin

Should any of you out there ever spy stray hairs or WHISKERS on my chin or general facial area, you may be assured that I have not noticed them. Ella-Mae and I will each consider it a personal favor to have them gently pointed out. I can not do much about the droops and lines, but I do have a mean pair of tweezers and as long as I have glasses and a magnifying mirror, I know how to use them! Before any of you gents start thinking you are escaping the bodily evidence of time passing, check for bushes coming out of your ears.


Mike said...

One of my deep fears is that I will become blind or otherwise incapacitated, utterly unable to stem the tide of hairs coming out of my ears and the end of my nose. I have made my wife swear time and again that she will attend to these matters, but I worry about it constantly.

Lora said...

i COMPLETELY understand, and share the fears!