Saturday, February 10, 2007

Moments ago I finished reading this book. It is a memoir by Julia Scheeres and is moving, powerful, tragic, depressing, and makes me want to strangle some very specific people, beginning with her parents. It is her account of growing up with two adopted brothers who were black while her family (including other siblings) and their surrounding community was very very white. Just one of the things really pissing me off is the account of what the "christian" reform school was like that she and one of her brothers were independantly sent to. Apparently it is still in existence, and imo, is an evil evil organization, and deserves to be exposed as such. The name of the "school" is Escuela Caribe, and is located in the Dominican Republic. AAACK. This kind of abuse, and especially calling it God's work, makes my blood boil. They deserve to be exposed as the scum they appear to be in the author's account. The parent organization is New Horizon Youth Ministries and the author and other alumni started a website to expose the truth about the reform school empire at for those interested in reading more.
rain makes me
every drop
like tears
welling bursting falling
a picture of
my soul weeping
dampness and
cold shivering
drop by drop
torrents of sorrow

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Most recent creation: Steve's tee...will he like it? Stay tuned.

My sweet kids!...aren't they cute?