Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Biggest Heart

How old is old enough to die? Never, and certainly not early 60's. My auntie PK died yesterday. We got a call Thanksgiving evening saying she had been found unconscious earlier that day, and a brain scan indicated a "massive brain hemmorrage."

Our family uses the phrase 'silly goose', and PK was certainly that. She had a huge heart, especially for the underdog, and if she was on your side you had a friend, a champion, a bulldog on your team. She was Generous, Opinionated, sometimes Obsessive, and loved to laugh. PK loved treasure hunting and bargains and was an amazingly talented (self-taught? god-given?) artist. She was a sister, a mom, an auntie, a friend.

For many years PK endured much suffering with her health. The docs never seemed to be able to figure out what the problem was, yet she kept on through the overwhelming fatigue and incapacitating months-long headaches. My mom, her sister, says she was very brave and never gave up hope. At times she gave up some things, like opening her mail, but never hope.

We love you PK, and will deeply miss you.