Saturday, October 27, 2007

Red Toenails; acrylic on canvas; 24" x 30" (i think)

Untitled as yet; acrylic etc. on canvas; 24" x 48"

Friday, October 12, 2007

(a.k.a. "Keep an Open Mind About Chartreuse")
original; mixed media; 24" x 36"

For some reason lately I have found it even harder to post here to the blog. Perhaps it is due to the jacked up way in which one must go about getting a photo from iPhoto to a new post. I just hate it when the rules or process I have learned changes...imagine if every few months, or every time you got a new car, all the traffic rules changed! "So sorry ma'am, green now means STOP---didn't you read your new RoadRules Installation Manual? Oh, and if someone hits you from behind: your fault!"

This pic is of one of my recent of the things I've been doing while not posting to the blog. There are other things I find it hard to do lately, some of which are:
mop the floors
cook (I'm assuming toasting bagels does not count)
write thank-you notes for thoughtful birthday gifts (you know who you are)
fold laundry
not be bitter and angry when it rains (today)
call anyone.

The good news is that i have been painting a fair amount, so will perhaps post another example soon-ish.